Declaration by the International Peace Committee on the Decline of Human Civilization and on the Realistic Possibility of its Self-Destruction as well as the Targeted Devastation of Human Rights and Freedoms of 13 May 2018

The International Peace Committee presented its last public statement on the economic and social development of Slovakia in the context of the European and global developments on 15 March. Eight members of the International Peace Committee have signed its statement called The Quarter Century Result of the Slovak Republic: "It is not possible to bind sand into sheaves and to rake water..." and more than thirty of our members were consulted in the drafting process of this statement.

The unquestionable fact is that the situation in the world has not changed in terms of the possibility of a global conflict, i.e. the nuclear apocalypse. The competition for leadership in the world or in individual regions has been too devastating to what we perceive as humaneness. In a way, it is absurd since hatred of any intensity is alien to and essentially disapproved by the majority of people on this planet. We have become serfs of political leaders who fail to even understand the rudimentary Spinoza's idea that ... "Peace is not the absence of war; it is a virtue, confidence, justice."

Without inclination to any naivety, in the world politics, in Europe and in other parts of the world, there is no such political leader who would not have honestly proclaimed that peace and human happiness or the good of their nation is the highest value for them. However, they are always only one step from declarations with such content to war and pushing through their ideas of democracy and its bearers anywhere in the world. Of course, all this is committed in the name of the holiest ideals of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM imposed on other countries with bayonets. And Picasso's visual symbol, the Dove of Peace? Well, it has already become an appropriate foodstuff for war grilling of defenceless people at military barbecues held in the territory of other countries a long time ago.

The problem of this detrimental and upsetting situation is the evolving civic stagnation which can be ascribed without exception to political leaders who, however, have been elected by citizens in free parliamentary elections. This absurdity, which is said to be driven from one centre, had commenced at times when superpowers and world powers divided the spheres of influence at the end of WWII and after the emergence of super power's and later power's nuclear arsenal followed by states in militant position.

The times when friendly relations between countries and their peoples were established and developed are gone. Some leaders even proclaim and do what they can to make nations perish one by one and as soon as possible. Especially in the interest of the position of their own country and themselves. The policy of dictate and/or fake solidarity is in. German master of mysticism and philosopher Johannes Eckhart responded to such leaders with these words: "The greatest power available to man is not to use it." Probably he was very well aware of the boomerang effect of power. Visits by representatives of states are rather exceptional, and they will not reach out to ordinary people. And when they take place, then it is about the set pieces and the stage as such and the caressing with words, sentences and hugs.

If official friendships and alliances do exist, then only by the decision of the leaders. The same also applies to hostilities. At the level of our Association we have also noticed that compared to their predecessors from the 1990s to 2008 when the World was hit by a more than deep economic and financial crisis, amorality and the lack of culture of most leaders and their self-centredness have started to gain the upper hand among both domestic and foreign political leaders.

Circumventing the principles of international law and its imperative obligations has become a standard that brings closer the time of disruption and erosion of humaneness, slow though irreversible perdition of human race as its bearer and of instigators of global conflict being presented as the safety belt securing the survival of our civilization (!). No one has a chance for life if it happens. In spite of the belief in common sense, we are getting the feeling that it is being razed to the ground out of the will of particular leaders or it is cast out to places where it cannot function.

This happened because of Germany and the other Member States of the European Union which have opened themselves to emigrants from Africa and Asia without security measures. Out of them, less than a fifth has been genuine migrants as a result of the war in their home countries. And it happened without communicating with those who had really rational reasons to prevent emigration tsunamis as it has been confirmed by the poor integration and subsequent problems, including crime and terror, which are a confirmation of a political adventure at the expense of millions of EU citizens.

And none of those held responsible names particular leaders. This is the reality when EU, EC and EP officials have the feeling, and why should they not have it when knowing their social status today and in the future, they may act without the consent of the citizens. Especially because emigrants - migrants persistently require a change of the character of their host countries and, in many cases, also of their home countries. Citizens did not vote on this issue when joining the EU and the representative mandate is weak for taking such decisions.

Today references only accidentally or even by mistake recall legendary human personalities of the previous century. Those people who due to their popularity among the broadest strata of society contributed to peace surviving in some parts of the world and Europe, respect for individual nations, the primacy of dialogue over warfare, and, ultimately, the improvement of living conditions. It may be said until today, that they were almost one century ahead of their successors.

Until today, Robert Schuman, Francois Mitterand, Helmut Kohl, Charles de Gaulle, Konrad Adenauer, JFK, Jacques Santer, John Paul II and dozens of other personalities rank among the top class of politics and its impact on people's lives. The current leaders do not want to think of them out of fear to be compared with them. We have arrived at times when citizens are being manipulated and fooled, and what is even worse, they are infected with malice, hatred, and above all arrogance in the name of so-called higher principles.

Almost blind obedience, civic blindness, deafness and muteness are required, and many are even unaware of it in their educational and cultural dullness or submission to consumption. This applies to all war conflicts that are supported directly or indirectly by other countries solely in the interest of their own power ambitions and goals rather than for the peace and happy life of the local population.

Let us hope that new personalities, who will have the ability to materialize the ideals professed in recent past, to freshen up public opinion with them and, at the same time, get the support of successful economic leaders, are growing up to their maturity. These are personalities so much needed today for the renaissance of human society and the return to humaneness. According to the opinion of leaders, all the problems that are frightening and so to say in front of our door can be settled by radical reduction of arms spending in a very short time.

It is one if not the only way to solving hunger, poverty, suffering and wars, crime and migration driven by mindless political naivety, ambitions of big nations for supremacy over the small ones, followed by their removal from the current history. We once perceived the disarmament process as an endless series. However, superpowers and world powers supported by other countries may provide a once-in-a-lifetime movie in which the only bloodless battlefield will be the building of economy and infrastructure.

Representative democracy and autocratic governance in the name of democracy is a retardation process. We need respect for people and their decisions about being or not being. It is so also because there is a surplus of those who feel and behave in such a way that they are the only ones who may and should decide and also to condemn and cause suffering of all sorts. It is unbelievable how they can tell lies to the public literally in live broadcasting, but it is also terrifying that they have such an opportunity and that we give it to them.

There is more than enough of self-proclaimed geniuses, and the threatening thing is that like in the 1930s, they invoke fear of thinking and of presenting own opinion. We must not allow a state when the power of ideals of peace consists in forgetting. Or in a strange, though inexcusable sorrow, or even presentation of ideological perverseness contained in the concept of or even in preparation for "global loneliness".

P. Kasalovský, Dr., founding member of the Informal Economic Forum - Economic Club and its representative since 1993, the co-initiator and spokesperson of the International Peace Committee

  • A. Barcík, Ing. CEO, Považská cementáreň, Ladce
  • D. Bohmer, Associate Professor, MUDr., PhD
  • J. Campbell, Dr., Ing. biocybernetist, analyst, FRG
  • P. Čatloš, Ing., PhD, entrepreneur
  • Z. Černák, Ing., agrobusinessman
  • J. Gabriel, Ing., Association's Committee Chairman
  • J. Masarik, Prof. RNDr. DrSc., physicist
  • S. Naďovič, Ing., Major General
  • F. Pancurák, CEO, Swiss Aqua Technologies AG
  • A. Blaha, JUDr., CSc., advocate, writer
  • H. Schwarczová, Ing., PhD, Director, University of Central Europe
  • J. Šály, Dr., a former high-ranking police officer
  • L. Vaškovič, Ing., CSc., entrepreneur
  • J. Mikulenka, Ing., entrepreneur
  • J. Breza, Prof. MUDr. DrSc.
  • T. Mikuš, Ing. , PhD, President, Slovak Nuclear Forum
  • P. Hrinko, Ing., Association´s Committee Vice Chairman
  • Ing. Miroslav Budoš, Ing., entrepreneur
  • Ing. Miroslav Hrubý, Ing., analyst, Czech republic