Letter to President Biden and President Putin

Thanks to President Biden and President Putin

for their dialogue in the interest of a new quality of global security and peace conditions for overall development of life and civilisation

expressed by the members of the Informal Economic Forum - Economic Club since August 19th 1993,
and its International Peace Committee since May 8th 2015

Letter to President Biden and President Putin

Bratislava, February 1 st 2022

Dear President Biden and President Putin,

Please receive the greetings from 222 members of the Informal Economic Forum - Economic Club Association founded in 1993 and the International Peace Committee founded in 2015.

Disconcerted by the developments on the international scene we feel it is our duty to write to you at the very beginning of February. We are writing to you mainly to thank you for establishing a dialogue. We are very attentive to your interest in easing tentions on international level. Although the contents of your interviews is secret we believe your talks are devoted to peaceful solutions of possible conflicts in Europe and excluding any military confrontations between your respective countries, and eventually a new quality of global security.

The initiative to address our thanks to you comes from the members of our International Peace Committee as well as from respondents in traditional surveys on our website www.hospodarskyklub.sk under "ANKETY 2022". Despite the efforts of some politicians and media common sense manifested through your nominations for "2015 Peace Prize from Slovakia" for presidential dialogue focusing on common understanding in addressing tensions in international relations and for creating the conditions for a new quality of global security.

This letter is the proof that there exists infinitely sincere and indomitable belief that you President Biden and you President Putin will pursue a meaningful dialogue until dark spaces cease to exist in relations between your countries. There is an invaluable confidence of people in you standing with both feet on the ground and remembering the essence of life and humanity - the legacy of past generations; be it for traditions, the unique cooperation in the past, your predecessors, and common success in the name of peace, universal cooperation and attractive future of our civilisation.

Open relation and communication between the presidents of the USA and the Russian Federation prove again, and repeatedly in our lifetime, to be invaluable and boosting for global development. However, we are sometimes nervous due to your respective associates not always following carefully enough your models of responsibility, moral and respect to your predecessors. It is surprising that they prove to be willing to develop friendly relations only on the level of senior state officials while preventing by all means the presidents of your respective countries to address the citizens of the Earth, its particular regions and countries. Those times when the presidents could get in contact with the common people and personalities in whichever field of human activity are gone.

Our "2015 Peace Prize from Slovakia" was created as a result of open and ineffectively addressed issues among nations and their countries, as well as a concern that peace is too fragile due to imprudent acts of some politicians and their feelings of superiority. Pope Francis received this initiative of ours with comprehension in April 2021 while leaving unanswered our repeated call from late 2014 to convene a worldwide security and peace conference.

Dear President Biden and President Putin, our prize has been received with honours by twenty-four personalities such as 35th US President, peacemaker and legend John Fitzgerald Kennedy in memoriam; Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl in memoriam; the World Food Prize Foundation President Kenneth M. Quinn; global social leader and Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus, and World Economic Forum President prof. Klaus Schwab.

We believe that it will be your presidential dialogue which will launch the renaissance of humanity and life in far better conditions and that it will be you who will be remembered by current and future generations. We would like to witness the moment when presidents like you will be able to speak to us the common people who trust your judgment, foresight and responsibility for the development of our civilisation and every earthling on the planet.


Dr. Peter Kasalovsky

Founding member and representative of The Association Informal Economic Forum Economic Club, since the year 1993, and its International Peace Committee, since the year 2015

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